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PAE Cars recommends that you complete tire checks seasonally to ensure the upkeep of your tires tread in order to maximize the ability to grip the road and provide the driver with steering control.

PAE Cars offers all top tire brands
and services for your vehicle.

When choosing a tire for your vehicle it is best to speak to one of our certified auto mechanics at PAE Cars to receive their professional opinion on the tire brand that is recommended for your type of vehicle.

  • Tires are very important for road safety as they are the link with your vehicle and the road.

  • The Air Pressure in tires constantly change which can alter the safety and driver’s control of the vehicle.

  • The tread of the vehicles tires should be monitored as this can affect your braking and steering capabilities.

  • The seasonal weather and hard elements can have some effect and wear and tear on the tire and should be carefully monitored and checked.

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Tire Hotel

Tire Hotel

Ask about our Tire Storage in between seasons. Not enough room to keep your tires at home?

Inquire about our Storage Service.