Reviews from our great Clients!

The staff at Performance Auto Express. Just want to take the time to say thanks for your ongoing satisfactory service, for making me feel appreciated & secure with the work you all do on my car. For making me satisfied each and every time. The work you all do truly shows your knowledge & understanding of what you stand for. Keep up the excellent performance.

Yondeen, Client

The best service I ever got from a mechanic shop. I got treated like family and would never go to a different shop! I recommended all my family and friends there.

Lucas Portillo, Client

Just got my car form the shop what a great job, thank you Isaac and Rick you guys are the best at what you do.

Dave Wang, Client

I send ALL of my customers to Isaac, his brother Rick and their father Zeeka. Everyone who gets their Service ends up staying with them because of how they are taken care of by these guys. It’s an Honest and Courteous business in a world that has a reputation for being otherwise. They are truly recommended for over 7 years now . You have everyhting to gain and nothing to lose by calling and asking what they can do for you.

Frank Hilton, Client

Best experience by far!! Best customer service and extremely caring staff! (5.0 out of 5 Excellent Rating Score for Competence, Honesty, Speed & Value), Client

They provide great customer service and superior work

Maria Teles, Client

Dear Isaac, I am very grateful to you for taking such great care of my Honda Accord. I had taken my car to 3 other mechanic shops before being referred to you. I was charged thousands of dollars by each mechanic for the electrical problems my car was having. The worst part of it was that the mechanics were unable to fix the problem. I was very frustrated over the poor service I received, and the large sums of money I owed. Fortunately, my friend’s sister suggested that I take my car to your mechanic shop. I was relieved that you were able to diagnose what was wrong with my car ASAP. I appreciate how you were upfront with me about the repairs that I needed done. You also quoted me a reasonable and affordable price that was in my budget. While my car was at your shop, you arranged for me to receive a rental car at a discounted price. Once the repairs were finished, you took the time to show me the defective part that you removed and the one you replaced them with. You also took the time to take me for a road test to ensure that my car was working to my satisfaction. It has now been several months since I brought my car to you. I am proud to say that my car is driving smoothly, and I feel safe behind the wheel!  Thank you for being dedicated to repair my car and to save me money!

Carissa Michelle, Client

I went to Performance Auto Express three years ago and now I will never go anywhere else the price is good and the service is great and always on time.

Christine Salama, Client

To the Car Angels Isaac & Rick: May the season bring the two of you & your families Healthy, Joy & Wealth! Thank you for all you do.

Andrea, Client

Excellent Quality. Excellent Appeal. Excellent Service. Love the service honest professional and friendly I recommend all my family and friends to them.

Isaac Kamel, Client

By the far the best auto shop around! I’ve known these guys forever and they are the most loyal, hardworking people – come by for an oil change and you’ll be hooked! Thats how they got me… God bless you

Mariam Salama, Client

Truly LOVE you bother! Isaac and Ricky! What you did for me this weekend, may have been nothing to you.  It meant the world to me. I couldn’t have done it without you!!!! LOVING my new rented “Green hornet!” Thanks again, and I owe you big time!!!!!!

Zev Schwartz, Client

This place is awesome they treat well and take care of everything u need thanx rick and isaac and the staff at PAE

Andre Portico, Client