Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Browse through our seasonal automobile maintenance tips. Learn how to beat the summer heat and winter cold with the help of our experts.

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[fusion_toggle_framed title=”Winter Maintenance Tips”]Canadian winters can be hard on our vehicles. Following some common sense tips, along with the instructions in your owner’s manual will help your vehicle start better and stay on the road.

Our experts recommend:
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  • Change your summer or all-season tires to winter/snow tires
  • Inspect your battery for wear before the start of the season
  • Use the right grade of oil, optimized for winter use
  • Use a block heater (it can ease starting in cold weather)
  • Reduce added weight by removing snow from your vehicle before driving


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[fusion_toggle_framed title=”Summer aintenance”]In the hot summer months, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down. Beat the heat by maintaining your vehicle’s fluids and tire pressure.

Our experts recommend:
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  • Replace winter tires as soon as possible with summer or all-season tires
  • Have all hoses, belts and tires inspected for cracks or bulges
  • Avoid blowouts by inflating tires to proper tire pressure
  • Top up cooling system with factory-recommended coolant mixture
  • Have air conditioning system inspected
  • Keep bottles of water in the car for your own hydration
  • Never leave an individual or pet in a car in extreme heat


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