When a vehicle is properly serviced, the value of the vehicle is also maintained.  Our trained technicians can tell you exactly what your car needs in order to keep it on the road operating effectively and safely.

All vehicles that are serviced by PAE CARS Inc will have an electronic history file on record.  An up-to-date record will allow the customer to keep track of maintenance history and upcoming schedules to prevent breakdown due to lack of up-keep.  This will keep your vehicle in the best possible working condition for years of trouble free driving.

PAE CARS Inc offers a selection of brakes, shocks and suspension, tires and parts from leading manufactures.  We carry an inventory of rebuilt engines and transmissions for imported and domestic vehicle models.  Any additional services or products that may be required will be done according to your instructions and needs.

Parts ordered from original manufacturers come with a one year warranty when purchased through PAE CARS Inc.  We will automatically add another year of warranty to provide you with two years of warranted protection on all ordered parts.

What does Maintenance I and Maintenance II mean?
Maintenance I is the group of services that you are encouraged to have during your first maintenance visit, while Maintenance II is the group of services that are encouraged during your second visit. It is then recommended that you alternate between Maintenance I and Maintenance II for all subsequent visits.

Service MI MII
Change engine oil and filter/ Reset oil life system x x
Engine coolant level check x x
Windshield washer fluid level check x x
Tire inflation pressures check x x
Tire wear inspection x x
Rotate tires x x
Fluids visual leak check x x
Engine air cleaner filter inspection
(vehicles driven in dusty conditions only)
x x
Brake system inspection x x
Steering and suspension inspection x
Engine cooling system inspection x
Windshield wiper blades inspection x
Body components lubrication x
Restraint system components check x
Automatic transmission fluid level check x
Engine air cleaner filter inspection (vehicles not driven in dusty conditions) x