September 12, 2019

Car Seat Safety Guidelines

PAE Cars Tips on Car Seat Safety

Have you ever wondered if car seat safety guidelines did not exist? Here are some thoughts on what would happen if there were no such thing as guidelines for the use and production of car seats.

One of the obvious things that a lack of guidelines would create is a lot more examples of shoddy construction. The emphasis would be on making the car seat attractive to the consumer, not on keeping children safe. The end result would be car seats that last a short time and then begin to develop problems. Shoddy construction means danger to the child that is unlucky enough to be strapped into the device.

Second, it would become much harder for the consumer to pick and choose between good construction and bad construction. While some design flaws and problems would be obvious, others would not.

With no guidelines to draw the line between what was acceptable and what was not, many children would be effectively be riding in a seat that could pinch, poke, and possible hurt them very badly. Car seat safety guidelines cut way back on the potential for this to happen.

Last, a world without car seat safety guidelines would mean more infant injuries and possibly deaths. The fact of the matter is that well constructed car seats make all the difference in the world when it comes to preventing children from being harmed in car accidents.

Failing to have guidelines in place that will ensure the proper use and manufacture of car seats effectively would mean condemning some of our children to injury and possibly death. Is that really the world we want for our children?

Car seats serve one of our most important resources.

Think about that the next time you wonder why there has to be guidelines for a child safety seat.

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