Our 6,000 km Maintenance Service is much more than an oil change.
It’s preventive maintenance that keeps your car young and saves you money.


We Recommend: To help ensure the proper operation, safety and performance of your vehicle, you should take advantage of this service every 6,000 Km or 3 to 4 months.


Our Technicians will:


Inspect and top up (if necessary) these fluids:

    • Lubricate chassis, steering and suspension components (if applicable)
    • Cooling system
    • Brake
    • Power steering
    • Transmission
    • Windshield washer
    • Inspect drive belt
    • Change oil
    • Replace oil filter
    • Lubricate hinges, locks and latches

    • Visually inspect front/rear wheel drive systems, steering system, suspension component, universal joints and boot
    • Detect leaks
    • Visually inspect exhaust system
    • Inspect tires and adjust air pressure
    • Inspect and replace (if necessary) outside lights
    • Inspect and replace (if necessary) windshield wipers
    • Inspect horn