Our 24,000 km Maintenance Service is much more than an oil change.
It’s preventive maintenance that keeps your car young and saves you money.


We Recommend: To help ensure the proper operation, safety and performance of your vehicle, you should take advantage of this service every 24,000 Km or 12 months.


Our Technicians will:


Inspect and top up (if necessary) these fluids:

    • Perform 6,000 KM Maintenance Service, plus:
    • Road test vehicle
    • Align wheels
    • Rotate/balance tires and inspect spare tire
    • Service brake system:
    • Disassemble and inspect primary components at all four wheels
    • Clean
    • Lubricate/reassemble, adjust brake shoes (if necessary)
    • Inspect flexible and rigid brake lines
    • Inspect and replace (if necessary) air filter
    • Inspect and replace (if necessary) passenger compartment air filter(s) and pollen filter(s)

    • Inspect cooling system:
    • Test pressure
    • Check pH
    • Inspect hoses and clamps
    • Clean outside of radiator and air conditioning condenser
    • Inspect transmission
    • Inspect:
    • Steering system
    • Suspension components
    • Power train
    • Inspect and lubricate:
    • Accelerator linkages
    • Shifter linkages
    • Space tire retractor (below vehicle)
    • Parking brake cables and linkages