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PAE CARS Inc. is a family owned and operated full service automotive centre.
With over 62 years of auto mechanical experience, we operate from a modern 5,000 square foot, state-of-the-art repair facility.
Since opening we have been providing our GTA customers with professionalism,
value and superior customer service.

Our Work Is Done Right By Experts. And Done Right The First Time.

Welcome to PAE CARS!

Isaac Rezk
Isaac began his career within the car industry trade at the tender age of 15, with the guidance of his father Zeka who has had 40+ years as a Benz Dealer. Isaac fell in love with automobiles and the mechanics behind these great machines and is driven to discover and conquer new boundaries. His entrepreneurial skills and passion led him to opening up his first shop in Toronto at the age of 18. He continued to grow and prosper in the trade and graduated from Centennial College Automotive Technologies and became a Master Mechanic at the age of 21. Today, he continues his studies to further improve his knowledge and keep well informed with the changing times. He has over 15 years of business in Canada combined with his families knowledge of 49 years. Isaac has flourished in the industry and treats his customers like family.
Rick Rezk
Rick Rezk, alongside his brother and father, began his career with the family business at the age of 19. He shares the same passion and entrepreneurial skills as his brother Isaac. Rick continues to excel and his abundant knowledge and diagnostic skills drive other mechanics to him when they are unable to solve engine problems. He strives to be the best mechanic through educating and assisting other mechanics. He is known as the “Mechanic Mechanics”! Today, his determination to solve any car problems and provide excellent customer service is over the top – he will not turn anyone away! He is the one man who cares about your car just as much as you do and it shows by the performance and service he provides. His example is passed on and taught to all the members of his Mechanic team – you will never be disappointed!

We Care about your Car as Much as You Do!